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Oakley Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses Review

Oakley Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses Review

Oakley Men’s Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses come in 12 different colors and the commonest ones include; the Dark Bronze, Prizm Black, Black Iridium, Prizm deep water polarized, and VR28 Black Iridium.  These sunglasses are polarized and they are designed with plastic frames, they do come with polycarbonate lens. These sunglasses are not just polarized, they come with Iridium polarization which is considered to be one of the highest grade polarizations you can find in modern sunglasses.  The lens’ width and the bridge measure 57 millimeters and 17 millimeters respectively, while the Arm measures 137 millimeters.

The main strength of Oakley Men’s Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses is that their lenses are made up of PRIZM technology which is a revolutionary modern technology that adjusts the vision, according to the type of sports or environment the wearer is located. If you are concerned about harmful UV rays, you will be happy to know that the Plutonite lenses are capable of filtering all UV lights alongside harmful blue lights at 400nm.

Glasses come with a three-point fit design that ensures that the lenses are held in the right optical angles, thus eliminating pressure points on your face and at the same time provide extra comfort and performance. Just like most modern Oakley’s men’s turbine sunglasses, these brands also come with O-Matter stress-resistance frames which are lightweight and durable, providing maximum comfort all through the day and under different conditions.

Oakley Men’s Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses do not come with a case which is one of the rare question marks regarding these glasses, as they would be better handled with it. Also, glasses can be extra big on the faces of people with longer or smaller heads. For this reason, you may have to check the fitness before you purchase one. However, most adults should find the size comfortable.

Oakley Men's Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Turbine Rectangular Sunglasses




    • PRIZM technology
    • Weight
    • Durability


    • Not fit for all face sizes
    • Doesn't come with the case

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